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Tuesday, 24 May 2022



glad they got better with each visit, hopefully they will continue to excel.


Thanks for the update. It's always good when quality is trending upward!


I hope so too Kat!

Yes, they seemed to be getting better with every visit Sandy!


Mmm. That great there so many places to get fried chicken now.


Just went here yesterday for lunch. Got the thighs tossed with the sweet and spicy sauce; very tasty but I should have gotten it with the sauce on the side instead so that the chicken would have had more crunch to it.

I'll definitely be back, though it's a bit of a drive from my office so I'll only be able to go when I know I can spare the time to make it over.


Yes, we've got quite the variety these days Soo.

Hi Derric. It's great to hear from you! Yes, that lighter coating is more delicate and won't hold up as well when glazes or sauces are added.


The nankotu and the thighs are my favorite! They fry to order so definitely call it in before you go!


Man, I gotta try the nankotsu now Junichi!

Som Tommy

Another place for me to try


Do check them out ST!

Nancy V.

We live in Irvine, but visit SD often to see family, and love your blog. I grew up there so your blog always make me miss home. We love and visit the Tenkatori in Costa Mesa often (at least once a week). Haven’t tried the others bc the CM store says the recipe of the other stores are a little different. At the CM store, they have CA rolls on their menu and we get it all the time too. It’s simple, but they make it well. Will need to check out the one in Miramar next time we visit.


Thanks for the tip Nancy! I'll try to cehck out the other locations of Tenkatori to see what the differences are if I get the chance. Thanks for taking the time out to comment!


The mix bento is now $10.20. I enjoyed the food, but I sure hope their prices don't keep going up quickly.


Whoa, that's a quick price increase Sandy! Thanks for letting me know.

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