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Thursday, 26 May 2022



Thanks so much Junichi!


Here’s to 17 more dances around the sun for your blog Kirk! From when I first left SD for college in 2005 until now, following your food adventures around SD, Hawaii, and abroad has been a must whenever I find myself surfing the web.

Mmm-yoso has been my internet home away from home for so many years….I can’t thank you, Cathy, the late Ed, and anyone else that has contributed to this blog enough.


Mr.K, you have sustained me over the years. I pretty sure I found you in 2006 and have been an avid reader ever since. I really enjoy your sense of humor! I was especially grateful that you stayed posting through COVID and beyond. I also think of your friend from Yuma. He was such a character. Cathy has also been a lovely constant to fill in for you. I enjoy her posts very much too. Thank you for the "free" entertainment, education and living vicariously through your travels. It's been a great ride. Cheers to decades more of MMMYOSO! Thank you so much, Barbara


Still my favorite after all these years. Truly the only blog of any kind I’ve consistently read! Cheers congrats and keep up the great work! Love you guys :)


Thanks Elle! And of course you realize that with your recommendations you contribute immensely to this blog as well!

And your wonderful comments and readership sustains us Barbara! It's always a treat to hear form you. Hope all is well!

Oh my...thanks so much Liz! It's been a while and we're happy to hear from you!


Congrats on 17!


Thanks Soo!


Thanks for letting me help out and share the food adventures that The Mister and I experienced over the years. Thanks to everyone who does comment as well as the many who take the time to read posts. (Many thanks for the posts about The Market at HFS, our newest 'regular stop')


The blog would probably not still be in existence without your posts Cathy! So I need to thank you!


Gosh Kirk, I don't even know when I first came upon your blog, but I do know it was very early on. Congratulations on 17 years...that is very cool!


Thanks Jack! Always great hearing from you!


Congrats! To Kirk, Cathy, and Ed (RIP). I love going back old's funny how it's at this point where certain posts will take me into a rabbit hole of where I was during that time. SD will always be a part of me even if I'm no longer there. And this blog helps me still feel connected to my time there. Looking forward to reading everything in the next year and beyond!


Thanks Sawyer! Hope all is going well. Make sure to ping me; if/when you're in town!

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