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Monday, 02 May 2022



that burger looked so delicious!


It looks like the way we make burgers in the fry pan at home...the crisped edges are what does it, Kat. It was very good. Each ingredient fresh, nothing frozen.


How have I not heard of this spot! Onions in the burgers sound perfect!


It's pretty new, cc; I just saw Duke's mentioned on yesterday. We, of course, were driving by and saw the signage, clueless as we are during certain parts of the year.


I snuck in here today while my son was having a driving lesson at AAA up the road (far far from home - getting mandatory driving lessons for teens is near impossible right now).

I thought that the double was great, with laced crispy edges and all the toppings were quite yummy. Next time I will get a single though!

The owners were there (a couple I believe) and the man was extremely friendly to everyone while still training some new staff. Overall I really like the place and once they get over the start up normal craziness I hope this place makes it!


It's so good to know you stopped here (instead of the mall), Dereck! It's good to see a family owned and run business and to be able to try a midwest favorite out here.

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