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Tuesday, 12 April 2022



The reviews of this new location have been very uneven so I have been waiting for your review. Thanks so much! Hope to try it soon.


except for the muddy fish, everything sounded great!


I think there's a lot of "moving parts" to this one RD. And some inconsistency leaks thru.


They are getting better Kat!


Honestly I used to drive from Mission Valley to their location in San Ysidro for an occasional birria treat, it was that good and even dragged my wife down on two occasions (who agreed it was amazing). I've tried the Old Town location twice now, and honestly it's just not the same. Besides the prices which border on ridiculous, the birria just doesn't taste as good as it used to. I've tried the tacos multiple times and nothing tastes as it should. Feel like they just sold out or something happened when they came north.


I think they are getting a bit better; though I noticed that the birria seems to be a bit more defatted and not seasoned as heavily Loren. In the beginning the birria just wasn't very tender and I'm fairly certain that the ratio of peppers is a bit different. I still prefer Fernandez; but I like the consomme at Tuetano. Also, I haven't seen the owner at the new location - just her husband.


I'll have to try this place on an off time.


I heard glowing things about the San Ysidro shop (pre Michelin Plate nod) and unfortunately only got around to visiting when some of the quality had started to slip. I know the owner had spoken about running the business by herself - doing everything from the front-of-the-house service to the cooking, and she knew she was cutting corners as a result. Unless she has invested in a team I would imagine the burden is even greater in a more central area. With more quality control this could be a star again.


Check them out Soo.

You know Joy; in all of our visits to the Old Town location, we saw the owner's husband, but never the owner.


I tried this place a couple of weeks ago with visiting family. Birria tacos were new to me, and the bone marrow was quite decadent. Everyone enjoyed the birria tacos, especially those who ordered the ones with the handmade tortilla.


Glad you liked it Sandy! You should check out other birria places and see how it compares!


Just read online that Tuetano is relocating to Chula Vista. They're leaving Old Town by the end of September.


Yes, I came across that while looking at their Instagram page Junichi:

Funny, we had just been there a couple of weeks back.

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