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Saturday, 02 April 2022



The hot chicken fad is definitely dying - for a while it seemed like everyone in the county was within a 10-minute drive from a hot chicken shop. I felt like the whole thing jumped the shark when it showed up on KFC menus several years ago.


Yes Joy; that was a sure sign!


Even before COVID, I rarely visited that strip mall on Murphy Canyon Road, even though it's not too far from the office. I have fond memories of going to Sizzlers in college; it was a real treat when my roommate's friend would drive us to Sizzler for a special dinner!

Totally forgot about the pho place (which looked forgettable) and Carve (I even commented on it). I'm back in the office on a hybrid schedule, and will try to check out Soup du Jour soon.


I hope all works out well Sandy! Sizzler was a eal treat when I was younger as well......great memories for me. Let me know how Soup du Jour is if you visit before me.


I’m surprised that Sizzler’s survived that long. Obi’s Sushi in that same strip mall is pretty good.

Kathy Quinn

Love Pear’s Thai! During the height of Covid I would order from the doorway and wait in my car. The nice owner would bring it outside for me, never waiting more than 10 minutes.


I think a lot of folks have memories of Sizzler Denver.....that's kinda what kept them going. Thanks for the rec' on Obi's

That's awesome Kathy! Can't beat great service!


Hi Kirk! Thanks for mentioning me. Glad to hear Thai Pepper Cuisine is still open. I do miss all the eating options in that area. Lately I've been doing lots of evening martial arts which finish at 8pm, and when I try to get takeout after 8pm everything is closed! It boggles my mind why there's so few restaurants in Seattle open after 8pm.


Hey Mr Z, great to hear from you! I don't recall places closing so early in SEA; could it be a Covid thing? Anyway, hope you and the family are doing well.


Hi Kirk, it could be a COVID thing, I wasn't doing this schedule pre-COVID. Family is doing well, my son is nine years old now. Time really flies!


9 years old! Wow, time sure has flown MrZ! Good to know the family is doing well.

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