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Wednesday, 20 April 2022



Bummer about everything. I always remember Sea Harbour's poor grade from the health department (I see my comment about the failing grade from your May 2019 post!), yet the place was packed. I'm guessing they have had turnover with the dim sum chefs.


It's always sad when a favorite goes downhill. Hopefully it's temporary due to covid.


Yes, I remember that Sandy. Sea Harbour seems as busy as ever; but the quality and execution have definitely gone downhill in our opinion.

Yes, it really is Junichi. Needless to say we were bummed.


Long time reader but first time comment! As someone who works in SGV area and works 5 min from Sea Harbour, there are many other places now that are dominating the SGV dim sum scene. My personal favorite is NBC Seafood in Monterey Park and the next place on my list to try is Enlighten Bistro 168 in Arcadia.


Hopefully, it was just a bad day for SH. I’m sure it was still better than anything we’ve got here in SD. Our favorite in SGV used to be King Hua but think they’re long gone. 😢. NBC seafood, as Kim mentioned, was on the rotation too but haven’t been for years.

Hangzhou Hero





Hi Kim - First off, thanks for ready our little blog and especially for taking the time out to comment. We used to go to NBC/888/New Capital in the days of yore......but not since NBC changed owners back in like 2013 or something like that? Thanks for the reminder!

We used to go to NBC RD; though not since they've changed owners back in 2013....time for us to get exploring; though I think we'll wait a bit.

It was HH! Nice to hear from you and hope all is well.

We were really bummed Kat!

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