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Tuesday, 26 April 2022



B.O. Beef! Food looks good! I haven't gone to UTC since the grand opening of DTF.


Lol Junichi! Yes indeed....I still need to try the NRM here.

warrior rabbit

This is near me. I went right after it opened and have been there many times since, enough to establish a favorite item.

The menus on the wall don't have descriptions, which was disappointing. You either have to wait in line and then look at their expanded menu when you get to the counter, with lots of people waiting behind you, or look it up online beforehand.

I have settled on the spicy shredded potatoes. Yes, sounds boring, but is very flavorful. I really like it. I have tried the Zhajiang, and it was fine, but it was like bolognese but with Chinese noodles.

Every time I go back, I intend to try something else, but I usually wind up with the potatoes. ;)


Hi WR, it's been a while. You like tudou si, huh? That's real Chinese comfort food and I usually make a version at home - in case you'd like to try:

The Missus loves that stuff!

It's great to hear from you and I hope all is well!


Thanks for the report -- been curious about Qin West. Unfortunately, it's hard to pick out non-meat-based items from their menu. Not transparent at all. That's one thing I like about Din Tai Fung -- it's super easy to do vegan there. Their menu clearly indicates what's what. They even have excellent vegan noodles using Just Egg in place of IRL eggs. Looks like the Liang Pi is meat-free so might swing by Qin West to give that a try. Guess I'll stick with Green China Grill (another easy spot to do vegan) when I want my dose of cumin!


I noticed the line was fairly short after 1pm.


Hi Peter - Usually Liangpi has no meat in it, but I'd be careful with places that don't list out their ingredients.

That's great Soo....though I like to eat early.


lol cumin:)


Yes, they sure did put enough cumin in that dish Kat! ;o)


We liked Qin, except maybe the Zhajiang noodles. Glad you enjoyed it.


Yeah, it's a good addition to the area RD!

Derek R

Peter, I'm pretty sure that their mapotofu is at least vegetarian if not vegan(although its flavor is unlike any Mapo that I've had. way more sour and lacking in fermented black bean.

Kirk, my favorite dishes so far have been the Guilin Soup (order the extra spicy), spam fried rice (probably the best fried rice I've had in California), and the stir fried chicken with hot peppers (super weird dish and unlike anything I've had. It's been super addicting and something that I crave now.)


Thanks for the recommendations Derek!

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