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Wednesday, 04 May 2022



neat how they have both cuisines:)


The menu is interesting, Kat. Based on what we saw others ordering, the (quite crowded at lunchtime on a weekday) ordering is split, which is why we need to go back for only the Japanese side of the menu. However, that Egg Fu Young was quite memorable...


Was the Egg Fu Young memorable in a good way or bad way? ;-) I have a little nostalgia for that dish as it was one my mom used to make in the deep country in Indiana.

Many times I find the fried versions way too greasy and am rather intrigued with the baked version you had.


Ha-It was memorable in a good way, Dereck. Very different than we've had (and we've had a lot of egg fu young)..I think I need to change the wording- the vegetables in the omelette were more or less 'riced', not mashed...there was a texture different than the 'baked' top, bottom and edges of the omelette; not eggy fluffy.


A spot down south has two cuisines as well, Bento & Noodles which shares space with China China (Terra Nova strip mall off H Street and the 805 in Chula Vista). A long time ago, Bento was Thaigo, which was what I believe the South Bay's first Thai spot (back in 98). Wish we still had it. It transitioned to Japanese food soon after. You can have the Japanese or Chinese menu no matter what side you sit in Bento or China China.


I pass that strip mall a lot, cc; will definitely stop there next time. Thanks for another tip!

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