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Tuesday, 05 April 2022



Dang. Only 1 outta 6. If this was spring training you'd be cut!


Lol Junichi......




I get the feeling that they're trying too hard on these dishes. Con-fusion is right!


That's good they make good fried chicken.


It was quite disappointing Kat!

Yes, it does seem that way Sandy!

Unfortunately that was the only dish that was pretty good Soo.


All show, no go -- unfortunate.

Again, I personally like these quick looks, Kirk. I think you're providing your blog readers (like me!) with a lot of value. I trust your palate/judgment a lot more than the random Yelper.


Thanks so much Peter! I appreciate your visits and comments!

Cathy Greene

As a North Park resident, I've felt bad about not trying it, but the prices and lack of outdoor dining put it on a back burner. It didn't look like a good candidate for takeout. Sadly, it looks like it will be shoved much farther back. Frankly, I think you sampled plenty of their dishes to give them a fair report. If this pandemic is ever over, I might try a dish or two, but my "guilt" is assuaged. Thank you!


I think a lot of folks love the presentation Cathy. But for us; many of the dishes had too much going on and the "soul" of the dish had been lost. And yes...the prices..... If you do check them out; let me know what you think. Hope all is well!

Corey Muirhead

Hi Kirk, I am the executive chef of Hoxton Manor. I apologize for the disappointing meal you had. Based on pictures, you visited us in October right when we were changing the menu for the first time and handling a tricky situation. Most of the items in your review are no longer on the menu, and we’ve been improving and solidifying our identity as a restaurant. I’d love for you to give us another try so we can rectify our past errors! Thanks for your time and consideration!


Hello Chef - Give us a bit of time and I'll try to convince the Missus to revisit. As for "errors"; well, it's a matter of tastes and preferences which are subjective. Which is why I never call my "posts" reviews. I'm glad that the menu has been fine tuned and wish you the best!

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