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Wednesday, 06 April 2022



Tenkatori taking over the TJ Dumpling spot on Miramar. Supposed to open later this month. Will go perfectly with Beeramar.


Ha ha, food court chicken wings! Chicken wings are definitely not inexpensive food anymore. I don't usually go to the Balboa H Mart, but I should so I can try Katzya. In fact, I haven't been to that H Mart since they first opened.

Have you tried Padadak? I tried their crunchy fried wings; while they were crunchy, they really lacked flavor. I guess you need to order them with sauce.


Yes, I read about that Junichi! I had Tenkatori in Gardena on my "list" now I won't have to go all the way there to check them out.

I remember when I complained about wings averaging out to 79 cents each Sandy! Little did I know. I did try Padadek once; need to return before I do a post.


wow pricey for 7 wings!


Yeah; like $2 a wing Kat! Crazy....


I'll have to go visit Katzya again.


Katzya was better than I recalled Soo!

Som Tommy

I have to try Katzya.


Check them out and let me know what you think ST!

Derek R

I had the spicy garlic wings from Calvin's in La Jolla over the weekend and was very happy. It's a hole in the wall Korean chicken joint. I'd avoid the tenders though, although the fry was good, the chicken was sadly dry. on the other hand, the execution on wings were spot on.


Hi Derek, it's great to hear from you! So, from what I understand Calvin's is the same as Furaido, which moved when Atlas Market closed down.

Wasn't the biggest fan of Furaido, so I just decided not to visit. However, if you think those wings are worth it; I'll definitely check them out.

Derek R

I had heard that it was the same owners as Furaido but had never had their wings. Before you give Calvin's a shot, let me give them a second try and make sure it's consistent. I'll let you know!


Awesome, please let me know Derek!

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