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Monday, 11 April 2022


Som Tommy

Wow prices almost double since they opened in less than 2 years


Increased prices haven't really affected my eating and grocery shopping. Yet. I'm willing to pay more as long as the quality is good, but I have to say that Gyrogrill's price increases are pretty steep. I haven't been here yet, so I can't guage the quality; I do remember being surprised at how low their prices were from your first post. My internal price gauge item is a banh mi from Cali Baguette; even though their fillings have seemingly shrunk, I like their bread.


Yes it has ST!

Man, I need to check out Cali Baguette Sandy; it's been a while. Yes the price changes at GG have been kinda steep and quick.


We call this "the burrito index"


That is a good one E.W.! Awesome.


I sound like I’m a 100 years old about everything these days. “I remember when gas was $1/gallon.” “I remember when eggs were $2/dozen.” “I remember when lunch at K Sandwiches was $5 and some change.” “Is a Happy Meal 10 bucks yet?” In all seriousness, I think it will all depend on demand, and if that goes down, so too will prices, and we’ll see that correction that the Federal Reserve keeps talking about. Here’s hoping!


I hope so Joy. I think supply is a big part of the equation as well.


wow expensive.


Yes, inflation in action Kat!


We're fortunate enough that we can sort of shrug off the price increases at our favorite spots but we do notice them (an order of kalbi at DJK is now $40). When we were in Hawaii last month I was surprised that a combo plate from Yummy was just north of $20 and malasadas were $1.50 (but it was worth it after so long!)


Yes, meat (and egg) prices are outrageous right now James! But over $20 for a plate from YK - BBQ!!!! That's crazy! Glad you got to travel a bit though!

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