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Wednesday, 09 March 2022



I used to frequent CH back in the day. But after some "changes" to the site I stopped visiting. Surprised they were still around.


I learned a lot of interesting information on the old CH but when they revamped it 5-6 years ago it became so hard to navigate that I moved over to FTC. Unfortunately, there’s very few posts specific to SD. Haven’t found a worthy substitute. Would be nice to get intel on more SD places (like Ben & Esther’s vegan deli) but oh well. Thanks for keeping us informed with your blog.


bummer about chowhound…


When we went to Chopstix 2 in October, we noticed the condiments on the table and the serving bowls, etc. had changed. Menu was about the same but overheard waitress tell the couple behind us they had new owners and menu would be slowly changing. Chopstix 2 will be missed.


Yes, many folks left because of all the changes - both in format and in management RD. Hope all is well!

It's a bit sad Kat!

Interesting Cathy....they've been around so long.


Only sort of sad about the demise of CH. I used to use it a lot until they changed it 5-6 years ago.


I think alot folks left then Junichi!

that seems to be the majority of folks S!


ah, the old Chowhound! I loved it. It was one of my first forrays into online food discussion and I found it so exciting. Back before social media, I met people online for the very first time at a local Chowhound meet-up at a restaurant. I hated the changes they made to the forums though and stopped posting.


I think your experience is the same as many other folks, based on what I've heard and the other comments to this post Jeni. Hope all is well. It's nice to hear from you!


Used to hangout lots at the old SD Chowhound -- but got really cliquey and a lot of people bailed (including me) some years ago. I don't remember what triggered the exodus. Visited a few times over the past few years and it was just a ghost of its former self. RIP.

Thanks for doing what you're doing Kirk and colleagues -- always fun and informative to read your posts and check out your pix.


I think CH first got sold to a large corp and then changed the format many folks left Peter. Actually, we need to thank you for stopping by and taking the time out to comment. We really appreciate that!


Way, I still search CH but most of the info is so old… but still useful! Do you think even the old
Archives will no longer be online? Oh well, at least we still have your archives!


I heard that they were shutting down access to the archives as well Sandy. Very sad to see this happen.

Lynnea Fleming

Aw, we went to chopstix too last November after a very, very long time not going there and it was such a blast from the past. The end of an era for sure

And, wow! I remember the days when Chowhound was the place to go for all information about food, cooking, and gourmet dining. Another end of an this how getting old feels? ^o^;


Lol Lynnea; I'm not sure if that's what "getting old" feels like.....but perhaps? I know a bunch of folks are sad that Chopstix Too is closing.


Another "I used to read Chowhound a lot until their format changes a few years ago" person here. They were still really helpful for finding out food and recipe information. Sad to see they're ending the site.


Yes, I think CH lost many regulars when they did that Jessica. I think it's sad that they are also shutting down access to their archives as well.

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