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Monday, 14 March 2022



Speaking of Korean fried chicken, the trend is moving northward. Both Bonchon and Cross Street have moved into the Carmel Valley area although fortunately in different malls. Glad to see that the KFC trend has taken off although I wonder if we're hitting peak saturation.


at least the fried rice was okay


Hi Jason - I do think we've hit "critical mass" with regards to KFC....though I definitely prefer that trend to the "hot chicken" thing. I've notice a definite trend on businesses opening up "north" and will hopefully get around to cehcking those out once I'm convinced that we're in the endemic stage for Covid.

Yes, that fried rice was quite good Kat!

Som Tommy

I thought the chicken wings were way to sweet.


Honestly it's one of my favorite places to go for Korean Fried Chicken and easily beats Bonchon and Calvin's which had been the previous leaders. The Galbi wings were outstanding and honestly we just liked the pure fried chicken as having a great salty and savory taste. It also doesn't hurt it was in the gateway drug to my wife and I getting into K-Drama (don't judge me lol). Perhaps we need some kind of 'great Korean chicken off'?

The fried rice also made for a delicious lunch on monday - though I don't understand why or how CHEESE became a thing everywhere in Korean food. Maybe someone can help me with it?


Me too ST!

I prefer lighter and crisp wings Loren, the batter is a bit too hard and the sauces too sweet and sticky; though my friends really like the place. If I recall cheese found its way onto the Korean after the US military occupation and later globalization - probably much like Spam in Hawaii.

Glad you found a go-to KFC place!


That's great you tried a bunch of flavors. I always get the original.


Yeah, I wanted to try some of the other flavors to get a nice "range" Soo!

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