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Thursday, 03 February 2022



glad they are keeping afloat


I echo Kat's sentiment. So many places haven't survived. Those fried oysters look quite nice as well as the takoyaki.


Yes, Yakyudori has been consistently good and adapted with the situation, Kat.

The Mister and I have been making meals out of appetizers for decades, cc. The choices here are always so good.


Making meals out of appetizers is the way to go!


Yes, cc! Can enjoy a variety of items-vegetables and proteins and it's still a meal.


Pre-COVID, Yakyudori was my go-to place for a ramen lunch. During COVID, I got takeout once and got some yakitori. I'm glad they have pivoted, I will have to return soon.


The new 'system' seems to be working and food quality is still great, Sandy. When restaurants only had takeout, so much was disappointing that we limited ourselves to Taco Shops by Autumn of 2020.

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