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Thursday, 06 January 2022





Personally speaking I love Michael, my family and I met him years ago when he rose from a pretty low position to the manager of Jasmine. He always treated us great and he was (and is) an absolute pleasure to be around He's the reason I went for so long to Fung fung, now Golden Island, and he's one of the only cases where I'd follow the guy to any restaurant. The food has been good to me there but I also admit I probably know squat about proper Chinese food. My family has never been a serious fan of it but we do try to go from time to time. I'm glad that at least some things are improving there.


Doh! I visited a few days before xmas and we enjoyed our meal.


I know Kat!

The main reason I keep going back is because Michael is such a nice guy Loren. The food seems to be getting a bit better - but it seems like a "one step forward - two steps back" kinda thing to me.

The inconsistency of the food has been an issue for me Soo.


That is one sad looking sticky rice. Glad to hear they're improving.


Yes....though there seems to be inconsistency issue Junichi!

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