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Wednesday, 19 January 2022



I had no idea that Bristol Farms was closing, but as you said, it really isn't a surprise with the status of the mall. I don't shop there, but I enjoy browsing when I'm in the area. I used to get their poke after reading one of Cathy's posts years ago.


I did receive an email that they were closing and the 25% off sale the other day. We would enjoy stopping in for a breakfast or lunch following medical appointments pre-Covid, then doing some shopping- the weekly sales and store brand items were interesting and reasonably priced. We saw Lazy Acres in Encinitas but never stopped; now we will.


Yeah that whole area is shutting down. I grew up in the area so I remember it being an Albertons' way back in the day and of course I'm losing my old dry cleaner and my original bookstar (where I spent way too much money). It sucks for so many of those business owners but its the way of the world. I did like Bristol Farms and picked up specialty things from time to time - oddly i thought they wouldn't clear out the grocery store but shows what I know I suppose.


I visited today for the 50% off sale. I'm gonna miss Bristol Farms.


When I lived in University City back in the 1990s, it was a Big Bear Market.


Yes, that mall is quickly emptying out Sandy. What I thought was a bit disappointing is that Bristol Farms may not reopen there.

From the boxes and palettes I saw Loren; I think they packed full cases and left the odd remainders for sale.

Not much left Soo!

Lazy Acres is kind of Bristol Farms - Health Food/Natural Cathy. They do have a smaller but decent collection.


From what I've read, the new owner (which previously was part owner) plans to tear down the shopping center and convert the space to a life science "mega campus." Sounds like there will be a hotel, restaurants, and some retail too, but the emphasis will be on office/lab space.

Haven't been to Bristol Farms in a long time -- we live across the street from Whole Foods, so that's our jam -- but it's the first area supermarket that I found (good) poke at many years ago.

Bummer that the closest supermarkets will now be Vons in UC and Ralph's in La Jolla Village.


I've always liked some of the things I could find at Bristol Farms, even though the prices were sometimes way out of line. It has always been pretty lightly populated though, busy only occasionally and usually I found it more crowded years ago.

One store that I just don't understand at all is Gelson's on Villa de la Valle. We have shopped there dozens of times and I never see more than a few customers plus prices are insane. Maybe it is a loss leader for the chain, but I just don't get it.


Hi Peter - Thanks for the link; I missed that article in the UT. I rarely shop at those large chain supermarkets these days.....I would enjoy living within walking distance of Whole Foods; but am happy that we have a Sprouts as couple of blocks away.... Thanks again for taking the time out to comment.

I used to drop by Bristol Farms once or twice a week on the way home; then on over to WF Dereck. I liked the produce and really liked the cheese department. We dropped by Gelson's a couple of times when we lived in LA and have visited the LJ location....and like you, I'm puzzled, because there didn't seem to be anything special in terms of selection/quality from most chain supermarkets.


Aw bummer about Bristol Farms. I only went there once because I won some free eggs from JinxiEats years ago. It was pretty fancy and I remember getting a loaf of chocolate brioche.

Looking forward to trying all of the new spots in Old Town.


I enjoyed my weekly stops at Bristol Farms CC.....I got to know some of the staff and really liked some of the products.

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