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Sunday, 26 December 2021



Sadly, I've never been to any of Sam's restaurants and I probably won't before the 30th. Glad you went yesterday, and it was hilarious that he didn't have time to train you! I wish Sam the best.


all the best to Sam!


I'm glad I visited as well Sandy.

Yes, hope Sam has some time to take care of things Kat.


I haven't been there for quite a while and have been eating at Kokoro mostly for evening dinners in that area. Would he want more business this week? If so, I will do what I can to get down there!


Hi Dereck - Maybe you should give him a call and see.


Thats a bummer. We've been twice in the last couple of months and had nice meals. It was kind of dead both times, though, and the atmosphere a bit sullen, compared to the sammy shushi days.


It is a bummer Dave. Hopefully Sam can take some time and regroup. It's great to hear from you; hope all is well. Happy holidays!


Sad to hear this! I remember a very happy meal there with you and Howie and Candice.
I hope Sam is able to get some time to take care of himself and get well.


This is one of the many fine places I’ve discovered through this blog. I used to go regularly with different work lunch-buddies, and always enjoyed it. The food was delish and the quality of the fish was always top notch. Sammy would recognize us a greet us. He seemed like a warm and friendly guy. Sadly, my lunches turned into working lunches and they closed down for lunch, and could never make it for evenings. I will miss that place. He always hired the cutest waitresses haha. It seems like an end of an era. It’s heartbreaking to see Sam struggle but glad he is taking time to take care of himself. I wish him only the best.


I have mixed feelings about hearing this Kirk but if it's good for Sam, I wish him all the best!


I'm sorry to hear that. Thanks for keeping us updated. Wishing Sammy all the best in his next step.


That was a fun meal Jenne! I hope Sam takes some time to recover fully.

It does indeed seem like the end of an era Denver. I sued to go for lunch when our offices were located in KM....I miss those days.

I hope Sam does take some time to get well Jack! Great to hear from you; Happy Holidays.

I'm sure Sam appreciates that Sawyer. Hope all is well.


I hope that Sam enjoys his time to take care of himself. Staying healthy is so important nowadays. I wish him the best.


I hope so too CC!

Lynnea Fleming

Thank you for keeping all of us readers updated about Sushi Yaro! I still have fond memories of delicious meals there and, yes, it was lovely randomly meeting you there! You were so kind with my fangirling excitement to meet one of my favorite food bloggers in person ^_^

It was a particularly special restaurant, and I know Sam worked really hard to make it a wonderful place for all his customers, but I hope Sam will have time for himself now.


I hope so too Lynnea! And I really enjoyed meeting you!

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