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Monday, 13 December 2021





My experience completely mirrors your's Kirk. I went twice, once there was no engagement whatsoever with the staff, the second time they were very accommodating. Unfortunately, both times the food was was fine I suppose, but didn't "scratch that itch". I may try them again, since I really want to give these small businesses a chance.


It was Kat!

Yeah, I was just kind of disappointed overall Jack. I have an inkling that the place is just another "concept". It's great to hear from you and I hope all is well!


I usually stick with Gaglione Brothers when I'm in that area; I guess that won't change! Kona Kakes is now in that strip mall. When I stopped by in the summer, they were pretty much order only.


I actually considered Gaglione Bros and the Brazilian place....but thought I'd give Pacific Plate a try Sandy.


Seems to be the new normal during the pandemic. They hire anyone they can get their hands on. Some places are offering $20/hr for dishwashers but nobody applies.


Yeah, it's kinda a new normal Junichi......though I think it'll end soon enough.


Oh no, I did not realize that Embargo Grill was gone (another covid casualty I presume). The Brazilian place is pretty good (I went there with Mary last summer).


I noticed that they serve Moqueca there perhaps I'll visit soon.

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