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Monday, 22 November 2021



too bad about the bread…hope the others you try will be better


A Chau will always have the best cha gio! I guess that corner shop never did recover from the fire..

If you're in the area again, hope you can have an update on Paris Bakery and/or Nha Hang Quoc Te (also terrible parking lol).


I hope so too Kat!

Quoc Te Elle! My goodness; it's been forever since I've been there. Paris bakery looked quite busy when I drove by on the day of my visit to A Chau.


Jeez feels like if you want a good Banh mi you just better keep driving north on to Orange County - little hard for a quick lunch.


I gotta "make my rounds" and see what's gonig on Loren....I'm hopnig we can still get good banh mi here.


I like the bread at Cali Baguette Express because it's not too much bread. I'm ok with the bread not being crusty, but the fillings are rather skimpy. I guess the price of everything has gone up!


That's good they didn't sell you stale bread.


Prices sure have risen Sandy!

I was happy about that for sure Soo!

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