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Monday, 29 November 2021



hoping they are better when you get to dine there


The Yelp reviews were so positive, so I got my hopes up. Oh well, thanks so much for trying it on more than one occasion and for this review.


I had high hopes for this place based on early reviews. Maybe that's just a reflection of how low the bar is for Chinese food in San Diego.


Thanks for the link! I enjoyed the duck on my visits.


Could be worse. "Texturally good" for kwai fei or hainan chicken is usually fine. Flavor problems can be salvaged most of the time. At least it's not dry and tough. Can't salvage that!


I hope so too Kat!

It might be better dining in RD......yet, I think there's much to go here.

I think you hit it on the nose Junichi!

The duck we had left much to be desired Soo!

Which is why I gave it decent know; I'm not "just happy" to have something.

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