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Sunday, 17 October 2021



nice assortment of savory & sweet


There are some good quality, tasty choices here, Kat. The prices increased within the past two weeks (I scanned the QR code above, to be sure of prices before sending up the post) and it was surprising. Since we stop here as a short mid-week 'date', choosing a monthly or lunch special is the way to go; always a good variety.


I didn't expect the PB toast to be that expensive. Do they use a certain type of bread? Just wondering why so much. Green onion pancakes look so tasty.


I scanned the QR code in the photo to get current prices to finish writing post and most had gone up in less than two weeks-It was $6 when we were there, cc. EDIT TO ADD: I just scanned the QR again and am correcting the prices in the post (toast is back to $6 and each of the ices dropped $1).

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