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Wednesday, 06 October 2021



hope they can get better


I hope so too Kat!


That's too bad they didn't season the kaarage better.


Diner is a good way to put it. Thanks for the shout out.


I know, I wish it were better Soo!

Thanks for the email ST!


Last time I tried their curry. It was passable (definitely better than CoCo!). You can't beat their prices tho. $10 w/ your choice of katsu.


I'm afraid being better than CI is setting quite a low bar right now Junichi! Though I might give it a try, because like you said, the prices are so reasonable....especially in these times.

Lynnea Fleming

Wow! I haven't seen prices that low in ten years! ^o^ they're practically giving it away, too bad it wasn't quite up to par...still might give it a go just because it's so reasonable...


The prices are worth giving the place a try Lynnea!

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