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Thursday, 14 October 2021



Thanks for the reminder to dine at Sam Woo BBQ; it's been a long time since I've been there, pre-COVID. It used to be a regular spot, but somehow fell out of the rotation.


Mmm... I've been there alot. So many things to choose from:


everything looks delicious!


I do miss Sam Woo. Thanks for the update.


Same with us, Sandy. Going grocery shopping changed during COVID-19 and some 'old ways' slipped, but we are trying to get back in the habit of going out to eat before shopping-helping a local place and enjoying food we can't make taste the same at home.

Oh, that whole "To Go" Steam Tray area is a separate post, Soo! Between those steam trays and various Taco Shops, all of our 'pick up and bring home' meals were more than 90% there. We mostly chose the roast pork, but the duck was a close second.

It's always good here, Kat. Comfort food.

It's funny how the most simple things are missed, TFD. The prices have increased, the people waiting the tables are (mostly) all new but the food/menu choices are consistent.


I will have to go here with Bert to try that fish porridge and donut stick. We haven't been to this location since pre-covid.


Some mornings, I just want fish for breakfast, and the porridge here is great, cc. We are happy that Sam Woo remained open since we like to eat before shopping at 99Ranch. Most of the waitresses are new/different than before.

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