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Sunday, 10 October 2021



Looks like a good spot for breakfast!


great assortment of dishes!


Looks like a lot of great food done well!


It is a great place, just like the original Old Town/Pacific Highway location, Soo. Lunches are really good, too.
There is a good variety available here, Kat.
A classic, family owned diner since 1985, Joy.


Great post Cathy! I haven't had a good chicken fried steak in quite a while. I like the version at Perry's. We've only been to the one by the 5. I would love to try that sausage frittata and the fish and eggs.


It is always good here, cc. We've been going out to breakfast when we don't agree on what to cook at home..and that fish is just perfect to me. Slowly going through the frittata portion of the men, depending on the early morning craving.

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