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Tuesday, 19 October 2021



I’ve been impressed with the pizza here, and they’re honest about the ‘homage’ factor rather than pretending it’s traditional-style stuff like every other Italian place in the city. In the end that’s secondary anyways - it’s tasty stuff, and that’s what matters most.


glad you & the missus got to get your fixes:)


I'd be telling that Massimo story weekly! I bought some nduja last week and was wondering what to do with it - I had only had it on delicious pizza - but spread on some good bread sounds good.


It's quite tasty Joy and used to be one of favorite Happy hour know, when that was a "thing".

We enjoyed ourselves Kat!

Toasted bread and 'nduja with some good olive oil and perhaps a touch of Balsamic is good Amanda. Nice to hear from you and hope all is well in spite of the circumstances.


Sadly, still have not been back. We’ve tried takeout a few times but failed due to long wait times.


That's a bummer RD......I know you're really busy; but maybe doing an early patio (4-415pm) reservation might work?

Lynnea Fleming

Matthew and I tried take out from Tribute a couple of times too and failed! Not sure what the hangup was, but I sure do miss it! glad to see they are still in business even if the pizza's do look a little less charred on the edges...


It might be worth eating on the patio early on a slow day Lynnea. We were the only one's eating al fresco.


We had the strange problem of not being able to make an outside reservation as a party of 3. Only indoors and we’re not there yet. Miss Tribute. During the pandemic we did takeout from them twice a month… and now they don’t seem to be doing takeout when we’ve tried.


That's strange Zmirzlina. I just tried to book for three people for tonight and you're right. It allows for two people in the patio area but not for 3. You might want to call. I think that online ordering opens up at 4pm....but I've never really tried it.


I miss their nduja and their foccaccia. Time for a revisit. Their pizzas are always delicious.


We really enjoyed this CC! It had been so long since we dined here.

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