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Tuesday, 28 September 2021



I was just talking to someone about CoCo Ichibanya, and thinking that it was time to try it. Guess I'll wait a little longer! I've only tried them once, at the Ala Moana mall location years ago.


Maybe you should just try them anyway Sandy.....dining in might be a different experience. I thought the food/prep was not as good as the locations in HNL/Irvine.


Doh! Hope they get better.


I hope so too Soo!


That is disappointing, I haven't gotten around to trying them but looks like no need to rush. I agree that we'll see how they do for dine in.


It was really disappointing Jason.


I've gotten takeout from CoCo once and was similarly disappointed; may give it another chance in the future though. For now I will stick with Zen Curry as I like the thicker curry they make.


I had the same experience. The curry was so watery and bland. The keema was better. Not sure what's the deal since I've been to their location in Torrance and it was way better.


Hey Derric - I know, it was so disappointing.

I don't know what's up with that Junichi....I tried it twice and it was the same. The locations I've been to in HNL and Irvine seem like a total different chain.


""well, because of ingredients and such you can't compare the food to Japan". Well, let me tell you, I'm not comparing this to CI in Japan."

That made me LOL. Thanks for reporting on this.


Sigh. It's the worst when a beloved chain expands nearby only to not live up to the original (or to other locations). Hopefully they will improve their quality control with time.




I hope they do improve Joy.

Total bummer Kat!


Yeah, this was quite disappointing Sawyer! Hope all is well with you.


The curry I had here was so bland and pork cutlet so dry. I’m sticking with E E Nami


I'd probably do the same for now ST!


On a more positive side note, saw that Tadokoro was awarded a Michelin star... well deserved for a favorite of yours! Our meals from there were always a treat.


We're very happy for them Jason!


I was really hoping CoCo would have worked out its kinks by now. I haven't been back since the weather has been so warm.


Hi Kirbie - It seems that they still a ways to go. It really didn't taste like CI that I know.....

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