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Sunday, 19 September 2021



stay safe!


You too Kat!


Speaking of odds and ends, the Skydeck opened at the Del Mar Highlands with a couple restaurants I thought you might be interested in trying. Marufuku Ramen and Ziziki's Greek. Plenty of folks picking up to-go, it gets a little crowded on the busy nights.


Hi Jason - I do have Marufuku on my "list" and my sources have told me it get's pretty darn busy, so I'm waiting for things to calm down a bit before checking it out. I'll add Ziziki's Greek to my list as well! Thanks for the heads-up.


I tried Marufuku a few weeks ago; I still prefer Menya Ultra for ramen. It had a hipster vibe, and is kind of noisy since it's in a big, open food hall. Avoid weekend nights!

Kenneth Bonus

bummer about Lalos. We used to eat there regularly when we lived in Hillcrest. Greetings from Cambria, where we plan to follow in your foodie footsteps!


Thanks for the tips Sandy! It's great to hear form you; hope all is well.

That's great Ken....I'm so jealous! Let me know how things turn out.


Looking forward to trying JJ Chicken. That spot has been empty for a year.


Yeah, that's a pretty large spot as well Soo. So hopefully it'll be good.


So, Epoisses joins durian as the only foods that have been banned on public transportation?
Did you buy some at Bristol?


I think it might be an urban legend alnc! Regardless; we did buy it and really enjoyed it. Delici-yoso!!!


Any more news about JJ Fried Chicken in Town Center? It's been almost a year and nothing....


Not that I've heard Patty. Let me check and see if I can find anything.


Thanks Kirk. The JJ Chicken sign isn't even there anymore. Mochinet in that same shopping center has also said "coming soon" for a very long time, but at least I've seen work going on in there from time to time....haven't seen any signs of life in JJ Chicken for awhile.


Hi Patty - I drove by yesterday and noticed the same thing. I have a feeling they "bailed". I'll ask in an upcoming post.

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