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Monday, 06 September 2021



always enjoy these comc posts, stay safe!


Throw in Sab E Lee and it'll be SSSS!


Thanks Kat!

Yes, it would Junichi! ;o)


Man, I would kill for some good Thai food here. Next time I go down to SD, I really want to check out Sovereign Thai! RIP Sab e lee raw beef koi soi....


I think SEL still might have the koi soi on occasion Sawyer. And Sovereign is quite good! Let me know when you're back in town.


I'm excited to try Sovereign Thai Cuisine and I hope they're doing well in their location downtown. I was a big fan of Thai Papaya - it's one of the few restaurants in town that made me cry, first for the death-wish spiciness it subjected me too (love) and then, sadly, for closing at the hands of the pandemic. I do wish they'd come out with a version of their Spicy Crazy Basil Chicken at the new place, as it was my favorite plate at Thai Papaya. I still think about it often.


Hi Joy - Thanks for taking the time out to comment. You might want to call Sovereign and ask about that dish.....they told me they occasionally will do requests if they have the product. I'm wondering; did you ever try Sab E Lee when it was owned by Koby???? The food was even more amazing then....the Koi Soi:

And Naked Shrimp:

Man, it was sooooo good and really legit Issan.


Thanks for the tip - I'll definitely ask about the Crazy Spicy Basil chicken at Sovereign. Hopefully that will be the first of many visits. And I didn't realize Sab-E-Lee had changed ownership! Last visit my usual there - the Spicy Basil Chicken - was still decent, but I guess it's hard to screw up ground chicken. But the '7' spiciness I ordered had the heat level of water.


Hi Joy - The original owner sold TOSEL to the cooks back in 2009-2010 and ten opened up the SEL location in Santee, which he sold and promptly disappeared......


We still need to try Sovereign. The con for me is the craptastic parking and the area it's in...

Gosh, I miss Koby from the original SEL. I hope he is doing well.


I've always wondered where Koby ended up CC.

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