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Monday, 05 July 2021



glad you are feeling better!

Hangzhou Hero

"It's been renamed to the "Gender Neutral Salad"....ohhhkay......"

Couldn't help but laugh at that. Still looks mighty delicious!


Thanks Kat!

It's a really good salad HH! In spite of the "revised" name.....


Glad the name was the only thing that got revised. I haven't been down to PB in forever. I think the last time was when Zgara was still down there.


I enjoyed the ribs and wings when I visited:


I really haven't been past where TJ's is in PB in ages Junichi! Man, I'd forgotten how bad traffic is in the area.

I think the wings are inconsistent Soo....I like the rib tips but not the ribs themselves. Though the BBQ does quite well in the salad.


Glad you are feeling better Kirk. BBQ in salad sounds good to me, no matter what they call it!


That's our favorite item here CC!

Lynn @ Oh-So Yummy

Haha this PC labeling is so silly sometimes. Oh well, as long as the food is good. I probably only hit that spot once since it's nowhere near where we live!


Perhaps it's kind of an "inside joke" Lynn? It's quite a good salad.

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