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Sunday, 11 July 2021



so cool! that he lived nearby


Really fascinating Kat!


That's great you lived near where Jim lived!


It's quite strange and interesting Soo.


Interesting! The lizard king and mmmyoso walk into a bar…


Thanks for that tidbit about Jim Morrison. So cool to think he was here in San Diego for a time. My first album was Weird Scenes Inside a Goldmine--I used to listen to The End ad nauseum. ;)


Now if it was the Silver Spigot (the oldest business continuously operating on Morena - circa 1954), that might be really funny RD!

Well "ride the snake" Jan!!!! ;o)


As a fellow Bay Parkian, that's very interesting. I knew about Longfellow School but did not know he lived on Arnott or went to Pioneer Church. Thanks for the info! I discovered your blog during the pandemic and have tried several of your recommendations.


I found it quite interesting Diane! Hope you enjoyed the places you tried. Take care!

Lynnea Fleming

How wild! To discover after 18 years in your neighborhood that such a big influence in the music world grew up just down the street! There's always something new to discover about our own back yards :D


There always is Lynnea!

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