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Wednesday, 14 July 2021



I smiled at your typo “Boos Bird” (or was it a typo?). Nashville hot chicken is everywhere now , like poki pre pandemic. I had Popeye’s this past weekend, not bad. Thanks for the review.


glad that last sandwich turned out decent.


Let's call it a Boss Bird "Easter Egg" RD!

Yes, at least Kat!

Lynn @ Oh-So Yummy

The food improved quite a bit since my post. We do takeout here at least once or twice a month now (that's a lot of visits for us). I like getting their Country Fried Chicken meal with the poblano gravy plus a fried chicken sandwich. Wasn't much of a fan of their wings or maybe we just prefer Asian style from Tim Ky Noodle (or Royal Mandarin for catering).


They need to add an option to add a runny egg. That's make it even better!


The product seemed a bit better Lynn.

A runny egg makes everything better Junichi!


That's good they are improving.


I hope they really are Soo!

Lynnea Fleming

But to be fair, 17 months in "Covid time" feels very different from 17 months of "normal time"(what is normal now anyways :o) I swear time passed differently during the pandemic


Yes, it does seem like the "matrix effect" Lynnea.


I heard through my local grapevine that the Boss Bird is moving from Miramar Road to La Mesa. I guess that location is a revolving door.


Sheesh....that would make like four businesses in that spot over the last couple of years Sandy? Crazy....

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