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Wednesday, 09 June 2021



changes for the better I hope


Yorimichi is definitely open now. Have yet to try it tho.


I thought the Korean hot dog place had just opened. Both H Marts sell the hot dogs, which are certainly popular with the younger crowd.

Shirahama was where I discovered toro. Please share your story one of these days!


Please do share your Shirahama story, Kirk. My wife and I first went there a few years ago. After we passed the famous sushi roll test, we were seated at the bar and enjoyed the very best sushi we have ever eaten. Amazing quality, and the toro was out of this world. Visited a couple more times after that. We were very sad when they closed.


Went to Sushi Yorimichi. Yeah they pretty much do everything. Got some sushi and duck yakitori. The sushi was ok but unfortunately nothing to write home about. On the plus side, prices were decent. The regular food that they brought out looked better so I may try the non-sushi stuff. They are in my hood so I will give them another try

Black Belt Jonez

Hi Kirk!

I absolutely loved Shirahama and the oldschool vibe they had. Please share with us your story from there. Is Hane the sushi bar that used to be in the South Bay that had quite the yelp reputation?


I hope so too Kat!

If you check them out; let me know how liked it Junichi!

It just had Sandy. I know the one in H Mart on Balboa has already changed their name as well.

Hi Peter - It really doesn't paint Kotani-san in a great light as he treated a gaijin customer terribly then charged him 30% more for his sushi. I knew the customer from back in the Sammy Sushi days. I, on the other hand never had a problem.

Thanks for the update Denver; I'll try to check them out.

Hey Mr Black Belt Jonez, so nice to hear from you. You can kind of see my summation of the story in my response to Peter above.
I think you're referring to Kaga Sushi which closed a few years back:

Hane was opened by one of former Itamae from Ota and is located on 5th avenue in Banker's Hill


Thanks for sharing your Shirahama/Kotani-san story, Kirk. I know that many yelpers also reported similar experiences (or failed the sushi roll test), which was the unfortunate side of an otherwise otherworldly sushi experience. My wife and I have Matoi on our radar screens now...


Hi Peter - If you do check out Matoi; let me know how you liked your meal!


I went to Yorimichi last night. The former server at Taisho owns it with her husband. I recognized her and we chatted for a bit. They had a steady flow of customers dining in and picking up to-go orders. They grill their yakitori on a gas grill. I tried a few but wouldn't recommend it. The best dishes I had was the dashimaki tamago with cheese and mentaiko and the katsuni (katudon w/o rice). Still need to try their ramen and sushi.


Is it Noriko Junichi? If it is; I'll make sure to drop by. Thanks for the update.

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