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Monday, 28 June 2021



doing as best as we can waiting for our chance to get vaccinated. until then we haven’t been doing much of anything. hope you all are doing well!


The family is now all vaccinated but still not going out much. It has been rough but we'd like to see everyone stay safe.


Hope you both are able to get vaccinated soon Kat!

Glad the whole family has been vaccinated Wendy! We're taking it slow as well.....avoiding places where there are gatherings of folks.


All good here. Everyone around me is vax'd, and we have been getting out and enjoying things. I need to travel to subsaharan Africa, so likely will be quarantined every time I come back due to variants, which I suspect will just be part of life for quite a while.


Family, Wife, Office, everyone around me has been vaccinated so I'm back to normal and have been back to living my good life. I got married a month ago (first wedding most people attended), traveled to a few places and even went to Disneyland with the better half. The Pandemic was tough but at the same time we all handled it better than most and have been luckier than others as well. Think the worst that happened is I became even more of a pain connoisseur of good food and drink shows lol.

Hope you all are well, vaccinated and things as good. It's time to get back to normal and enjoy life.


Hey there Kirk. I love your blog. In fact, it's the only one I really read anymore. Well, that and the rollercoaster board I check in with now and again (getting a bit long in the tooth for that sort of thing though). In a way I've come to think of you as

Thanks for asking. I mentioned before that I'm planning to travel to NYC soon with my 15-year old (a bit younger than your blog). I don't get out of San Diego as often as you do, but I do love the adventure. And I will be taking a cue from your missus on this trip as it will be all about walking everywhere, which will be necessary given the hot dogs, pizza, Italian American, ABCDE, steakhouse, Russian, diners, and who knows what else we'll get into in that cosmopolitan city. We'll be thinking of you. Cheers!


Kirk, thank you for asking. Extended family and friends have been vaccinated, and my office is talking about returning to in-person work after Labor Day. No one I knew was seriously ill with COVID. I was thankful to have time with family that I never expected to have when we were in shutdown mode. We experimented with recipes that I never thought I would attempt at home; some dishes came out well, others did not. I did some road trips in the last few months, and will take my first airplane flight in September. Hope all goes well this summer. I'm still avoiding crowded places and continue to wear a mask when out eating or shopping.


Hope all your travels work out well Dereck! Sub-Saharan Africa, how exciting!

Congratulations Loren! Good to hear all is well!

Yes, I recall you mentioning that Jan! Hope you have a great time.

Sounds like you really made the best of things Sandy! Hope the flight goes well. We're looking at something this winter.


Kirk, I have always enjoyed your blog, but during CV, it was a wonderful "life line" for me. You have such a wonderful and caring spirit about you. I am doing well and out walking my neighborhood again. I have always been grateful for this life and CV has made me even more intentional with gratefulness. You are a bright spot for me, thank you! All are well in my family and I am glad you and the Mrs. are doing so well too. Thank you both for being on the front lines during this crazy time.


Thanks so much for the kind words Barbara. It's always great to hear from you and I am glad you are doing well and getting out a bit now! Take care!


All my friends and family have all been fully vaccinated. It does feel weird being able to walk into stores and restaurants without wearing a mask. I went to a Padres game last week and it was a little nerve racking with a sold out crowd cheering and yelling all around you. Hopefully washing hands and masks when feeling ill become a permanent part of our society. All my restaurant friends have been super busy but the lack of workers is causing a lot of them to close early. As for me I did gain some CV weight that I'm trying to shed at the moment.

The Office Goat

The whole Goat family has been vaxxed, but we've only eaten AT a restaurant once in the last few months (and that was outside), although we did get Mr Birria as takeout a couple days ago.


My friends went to the Dodger game and weree kind of freaked out at the crowd Junichi! Strangely, I have actually lost weight during the pandemic.

I'm glad the whole family is vaccinated TOG! We've been trying to slowly and cautiously getting back into the swing of things.


We have been doing ok. Fully vaccinated back in March. Was getting takeout during the lockdown. Started eating at restaurants about a month ago. I do prefer working from home.


Glad you're vaccinated and starting to get out a bit Soo!

Kerri K

Hi Kirk, Thank you so much for keeping this blog going, I know I have been living vicariously through much of your travels, and thank you, you gave us ideas for many of our own trips over the years. Still waiting to hear about Israel, though, lol.

Hubby and I are vaccinated, have been hitting Jimmy Carter's on Sundays three or four times now for brekkie. Waiting for Studio Diner to reopen. Have had a couple/few visits to DZ Akins. We have been out to Island Style a couple times and are overdue out there. We have logged a few trips to Maui and Oahu since November, we needed sunshine, warmth, Maui Venison, Parker Ranch Beef Rib Eyes, Koko Head Smoked Ahi Spread, and Gouvea Portuguese Sausage.

(Im)patiently waiting to go back to Basque Country (FR/SP), Japan, and to do that bucket list trip to French Polynesia.

Thank you so much for all that you do!


My gosh Kerri; you're making me miss "home"! Thanks so much for the kind words....and I'll get started on the Paris-Israel-Jordan-Provence posts; I promise! If you've got any questions - please email me and I'll be glad to answer whatever I can. It's great hearing from you and I'm glad you both are vaccinated and well! Take care!


Love reading your blog Kirk and it's been a refreshing routine during this pandemic ... although I've been reading quietly before that.


Hi Kirk, My short answer is that this time has reaffirmed my desire to surround myself with quality, not quantity, appreciating the little things that mean more collectively. Of course I love the posts on your blog of all your adventures with the Missus but this particular post makes me realize how great mmm-yoso really is! I need to buy you a beer...just say when! :)


Love this blog and am happy to have the consistency and content over the years! While I and those around me are vaccinated, I’ve got 2 young kids and another on the way so I don’t feel like I can “return to normal” while the pandemic continues around the US and world. I’ve had to give up my job during the pandemic and my entire worldview has shifted. Although I do value my friends, family, and health more than ever- I do miss international travel so much!

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