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Monday, 17 May 2021



Sigh...just feel like a lot of these Asian posts lately aren't winners ("winnahs") from what I'm reading lately on your blog. Man, there's a spot in Portland for some good nem khao called Cully Central next time you're around there. Where do you like to go for nem khao in SD?


I feel bad for mentioning this place. Hainanese chicken is quite rare in SD so I should’ve known. Can I reimburse you?




There was some neighborhood buzz when Rooster Rice opened, and I had forgotten about it until I read your post. The menu seems to be rather, um, eclectic. The previous place, Wong's Wok, was popular, but I never dined there. It had been in business for many years, and I believe the owners retired and closed last year.


Forgot to say LOL to RedDevil!


Hi Sawyer - Around these parts it's probably Ban Lao or Mekong Thai/Lao. Asia Cafe used to make the best, but the owners retired lond ago.

Don't feel bad RD! It's all part of the adventure to me. And you don't owe me a thing!

Yes.....wasted potential Kat!

It's kinda-sorta fusiony-safe trying to ride that line Sandy! Prices and portion sizes are good though.


Such a bummer. Their menu has too many varieties for a small shop that could be specialized in a few dishes.

Have you every try nam khao tod from Supannee House of Thai? I had it in a party once and it was nice.

There is another newish thai "street" food in PB. Just checked their pictures on other websites and didn't like it though (except moo ping & fried egg in pad kra praow)


Man, I haven't been back to Supannee in ages Si! Never had the nem khao....I'm kinda looking forward to that. Thanks for the reminder! Is it Uncle Chai that you are referring to? My sources tell me it's more about price than quality.


Bummer. I heard some buzz about this place also. I was gonna try it out the next time I hike Iron Mountain but I'll stay away for now.


You can still try it Junichi! I just found it a bit uneven and underwhelming


I liked Mekong. You should have gotten the orange chicken haha!


Man've got an orange chicken fixation going on!



I miss Asia Cafe. It had been replaced by two other businesses which have closed as well.


That's good the pork belly wasn't bad.


I miss Asia Cafe too CC!

But it wasn't good either Soo!


What a bummer! The first incident was a bit funny and sad at the same time. They should be more careful with it. Seems the grand opening wasn’t so grand after all. Sigh.

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