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Monday, 10 May 2021



Interesting! Man that brings me back to getting off an overnight and getting breakfast at Hinotez......good times. No more overnights for me...but that breakfast sure did hit the spot sometimes...or pozole or a fat breakfast burrito with hot carrots haha!


bummer the noodles were mushy. appreciate your shoutout! hoping we can meet up next year!


Some good breakfasts Sawyer! Enough to put you in dreamland! Hope all is well!

I hope so too Kat!


I pretty much gave up on getting any kind of noodles for takeout. They just don't travel well. Always end up in a soggy clump.


I really miss the breakfasts from Hinotez; hoping they bring it back one day!


I've had pretty good experiences with noodles Junichi. Places that really know how to do it; Menya, Mien Trung, Phuong Nga.....sorry to say, Hinotez didn't deliver. Fried chicken and noodles....great tests!

I really miss the Japanese breakfast from Hinotez An! Nice hearing from you and hope all is well!


I really miss the Japanese breakfast too!

Kirk're really making me miss that Jack!


Oh yay, they reopened. I thought they had closed for good! My daughter wants to go here again.


They are only currently open for dinner CC! Hope you get to check them out soon!

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