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Monday, 12 April 2021



I sure do love posts like this. Revisits to the favorites. It really does make your day when you find a place and have a connection. Glad to hear they're still around. Would love to visit them some day as the food sounds quite interesting.


another nice eatery in your rotation!


I remember when you texted me after one of your first visits here; you knew it was special. The Mister and I will have a sort of celebration in about a month and this will be our place this year.


Glad you enjoyed the posts Sawyer. Remember, lunch is on me when we're over this pandemic craziness and you're in town!

Yes, another favorite of ours Kat!

The folks here are so nice Cathy, as is the food. We kind of steer toward the mezes.


That's great you are keeping this place in business.


La Miche is the best. They catered parties for us pre-COVID, and the food was a major hit. And Nabih could not be nicer.


I'm hoping many of their "regulars" are doing the same Soo!

It's so nice to hear from you Liza! Yes, we love La Miche and I'm glad you do too! Take care and hope all is well!

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