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Sunday, 11 April 2021



The alambres sounds great! Love lengua too. Never had tripas before.

Random, I saw a Golden Chopsticks banner that said "Coming Soon" in the same plaza as Target Mira Mesa.


sounds like a nice addition to your rotation.


Sounds like it should be in everyone’s rotation!!! Thanks!


That's interesting Elle - I need to check it out!

It is Kat!

We do love the food from De Cabeza RD! Hope all is well.


I've never had alambres, and it looks delicious. I too saw the Golden Chopsticks banner in Mira Mesa, and that will be an interesting addition to the area (assuming it's affiliated with the National City restaurant). Even though Royal Mandarin is my favorite for salt & pepper wings, it would be nice to have an option nearby.


I gotta go check it out Sandy.....that would a nice addition indeed!


Thanks for posting this. De Cabeza is an awesome place! Have you tried the green chorizo tacos there? They are pretty tasty!

About a block or two north De Cabeza on Broadway there is a taco truck called Tortas Ahogadas El Tio Pepe. They sell pretty good tortas ahogadas and really tasty carnitas tacos. Also, their birria de res tacos are pretty tasty.

Thank you!


Thanks for taking the time out to comment Ivan, it's been a while! I tried the green chorizo at Al Pastor. Jesus told me it is the same recipe as when they were making it there.
Thanks for the tip on Tortas Ahogadas El Tio Pepe! I used to go to El Gallito Tortas Ahogadas every once in a while:

Have you been there? And if so, how does it compare? I haven't been exploring the South Bay much since Covid came along; but hope to soon.
Thanks again for visiting and commenting - hope all is well!


Oh! You can choose your meat for the alambres? How cool! I'm so there!


Yessir you can Jan! And you should ask about various specials that might not be on the menu (i.e. huitlacoche). Enjoy!



Thanks for the good wishes!

I have been there several times and tried several of their items.

The torta ahogadas here are pretty good. If I were compare them to El Gallito, I would say that El Tio Pepes carnitas are better but with respect to the sauce and bread , I would give it to El Gallito.

Anything I have tried with carnitas is really good at El Tio Pepe. Usually, they give you a choice between surtido ( mixed meat like skin and leg meat) or maciza( usually pork leg only). I find the surtido to be tastier

Thanks again!


Thanks for all the info. I'll definitely check them out Ivan!

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