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Monday, 26 April 2021



Happy to know you and family are well!


Great to hear you’re doing well! Always look forward to reading your blog so thanks for all the wonderful information you provide but, of course, your mental and physical health come first. Take care of yourself!


take care kirk! your health comes first.


Your positivity and enthusiasm embody Aloha. Take care of yourself and your family!


Thanks so much Jenn! BTW, hope you found all your calendars this year!

I am RD, there were folks wondering if I was OK. You all are wonderful. Take care!

Thanks Kat!

Oh man...thanks so much James! Hope all is well.

Barbara K Paddock

Kirk, thank you for sharing. You certainly have a kind and gentle spirit! Yep, that is Sammy for sure (IMO) :-). I have been "dog crazy" all my life. I love them all, so I have enjoyed your posts about the "boys" throughout the years. I have been part of a vounteer rescue group for many years. I had my first foster of the pandemic last week. He found his forever home quickly so I am up for a new foster on Thursday. My current pup was my first "foster fail". He's been with me for about six years. Thank you for all your posts, especially during the pandemic. They have kept my spirits up.


You have a nice place for Frankie!


I'm so glad you are able to get back to doing what you enjoy Barbara! It's surely been qite a long haul. Thanks so much for the kind words!

We've tried to make things as comfortable for the little as we can Soo!


I didn't think the number of posts were that scarce. Some other San Diego based food blogs haven't updated in months. Post at your own comfortable pace.


I used to try and get 4-5 a week Junichi. Nowadays...well..... It's great to hear from you; I had been wondering how you were doing since I hadn't heard from you in a while. I was hoping that you perhaps went on some epic road trip.


No epic road trips yet. I did go out to Anza Borrego for a short camping trip. It was nice to get away from the city for a few days.


Glad you were able to get away for a couple of days Junichi!

Lynnea Fleming

Awwww, I love that Sammy is watching over you and the missus and frankie! I hope you all continue to keep doing better and better as we have started to see light at the end of this Covid tunnel! Thanks for always cheering me up with your blog posts. I don't always comment on them, but I do always appreciate your posts so much. Thank you!


Thanks so much Lynnea! We really appreciate the kind words.


Yay good to see Frankie looking so comfy these days. And I miss Sammy too! Nice to see an old photo of Sammy! I always loved seeing any pics of "da boyz" together that you would post. And good to hear you are doing okay! The way I read your blog posts (usually a treat for me to catch up and read a bunch at at time when I have a big break from work) I don't think I would have noticed any lack of postings. But I'm with Lynnea who commented above. I value and appreciate the time you put into your posts and I enjoy reading them so much even if I rarely comment. If there is ever a time that you aren't posting I figure you are just busy and/or need a break and that's totally understandable! Although, during normal times my first thought would be that you and the Missus were maybe traveling if you weren't posting so much. Hopefully you two will be able to travel again soon (and in the meantime I'm glad you got to do some road trips - have been enjoying reading about them)! Hopefully things are going to get back to more normal soon (for the sake of the whole world in general but also so you can get to traveling where you want to again)! Thanks for keeping up your awesome blog for so long! =)


Thanks so much for the kind words Dancing! It's always great to hear from you. I'm glad you and the hubby are doing well. Yes, we hope to be travelling again soon! Thanks again for making my day!

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