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Wednesday, 14 April 2021



Finally! A salt and pepper chicken wings place that's closer!


Thanks for the mention! Yes, the Golden Chopsticks banner is at the old Payless Shoes store. Hope it won't be confusing with Golden Island in the same mall.

I'm also glad to hear that Da Kine's is opening, although it seems like the plate lunch spots are heading east (Island Style Cafe in Santee, Da Kine in La Mesa).


have a great week!


Yes, you won't have to drive quite as far TFD!

Thanks for the heads-up Sandy, I always appreciate that! It does seem like those plate lunch places are headed east.....

You too Kat!


The coconut wireless is awesome! Looking forward to the shorter drive to visit Golden Chopsticks. :-)


Selfishly I'm super excited about Da Kine's relocation because the new spot is about five minutes from my house!


I know how much you like GC I'm sure this is great news for you!

That's great James! You can get your plate lunch fix!


The Homestyle Hawaiian location in Tierrasanta has changed ownership. The menu does not appear to have changed, yet. Just thought you should know.


Hi RCLC - Yes, I was told that from another source as well. I'll check into it. Thanks for thinking of us!


Like you, I'm in the Royal Mandarin camp but glad that Golden Chopsticks is Mira Mesa.

Romeo and Julietta is walking distance from my house so I'm really sad to see it go.

I just came back from a trip to Maui and Oahu so it will be awhile before I eat local kine food, but what's your favorite these days? I rarely eat a plate lunch now but when you're in the mood, nothing else satisfies!


I'm glad you had a chance to visit "home" Jack! I really can't put it away these days I stick with a locomoco 2-3 times a year; usually make the rounds, but prefer Island Style Cafe. When I'm really hungry it'll be Homestyle Hawaiin - usually the Mesa College location during these times. I'd have the Laulau/Kalua Pork plate from Da' Kine's every blue moon.


It was fun to go "home" again to Oahu since it's been many years...hit the local spots, visit family and talk story in the backyard eating poke and drinking green bottle beer ;)


Sounds like a perfect trip Jack!

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