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Tuesday, 02 March 2021


Som Tommy

A standard bearer for pho in LV. You been to Pho Hiep too? Wonder how they are doing


Always makes me happy when you find local pho that you like.


I'll check them out when I have time ST!

Makes me happy too RD! ;o) Hope all is well!


Man, what I wouldn't give for some decent (not even good, just decent!) pho right now. +1 star for the ngo gai (nowhere to buy that here either).


My usual go-to hangover/cold cure!


That's a bummer Sawyer! Man, hopefully one of these days....OR you could move back down here! ;o)

A good remedy Junichi!


nice that this was a good bowl of pho


It really did hit the spot Kat!


Looks delicious! Funny, I never see the "Huong" part in their sign name for this location.

I think since the pandemic started, some pho places will upgrade all pho orders to large or only sell large sizes. Maybe just to get rid of their inventory if less people are ordering.


Yeah, it's just what I've always called the place Elle. I think Pho Hoa still does both sizes for takeout. Hope all is well, it's nice hearing from you!


Actually even before the pandemic, we noticed that Pho places gave more "stuff" when ordering togo. I think it's because they don't have their bowl as a reference when putting things in the togo container, especially when it comes to the noodle portion. Looks pretty good though! We've been picking up pho from PTEatery since my daughter's favorite boba place is in that same mall, but looks like I need to try this place.


That's interesting Jason....never really got "pho to go" until the pandemic started. PHH is one of those old school places.


Awww man, it's been WAY too long! I've almost pho-gotten what it tastes like! ;)


Pho-real Jan?!? Well, you need to reacquaint yourself! ;o)


I have not been to Pho Hoa Huong in many years, but I still remember the waiter hovering right after he handed you the menu! I agree with Jason that portion sizes on pho to go are usually pretty generous. We used to get it to go from Pho Lucky, and we could usually stretch another bowl out of the order.


I guess I've been missing out by not doing pho to go all these years Sandy!

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