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Thursday, 11 March 2021


Derek R

Comment on your actual post incoming but I just saw that Coco Ichibanya is opening next week =)


I enjoyed seeing your rotation list...hang in there, keep safe!


Yes, I saw that Derek. I have a feeling it might be pretty busy....

Thanks Kat! You too!


No real set rotation for me; my usual move is to open Google Maps and start thinking about places I haven't been to in a while. This post reminded me that I haven't been to Zgara or Bird Rock Coffee in a bit so maybe I'll swing by that block on Morena this weekend.


Very nice rotation post! I missed this and brings back some memories. I think every few posts I bring up Ba Ren, but I don't care. It was that good. RIP. Pickings are pretty slim here. There's a pretty good burger shop in the next town over and two decent Chinese places on the rotation. I was pleasantly surprised with their pig ear. I also like one of the coffee shops here (nothing fancy, but they do have a nice light roast, something I've never really liked), and I usually pick up a day old pastry for 50% off in the mornings, being poor again. I'm doing a residency at WSU, so 1.5 years left. A new Greek place opened up that is pretty solid. Of course, our standards have lowered since moving out to eastern WA. Rest of Asian food isn't good, but I've been cooking when I have the time. There's a theme here where most of the Asian restaurants offer it all (Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese). They should just stick to what they know lol. I'd kill for some decent pizza too. But honestly, we only eat out a few times at month at most nowadays. Partly money, but partly because most places just aren't worth spending the money. Thanks for sharing. Hey, it's like UCSD again. I'm living vicariously as a poor student! :) Who woulda thought 14+ years later!


Nice list. I had Santouka last night for dinner. The noodles didn't travel well but the soup and toroniku hit the spot on a cold evening.


Think your list is more inspired than mine. We do DTF, Spicy house and Joyee for Chinese. Mi Rancho market in Escondido has a nice Covid set up and great tacos. The market at HFS thanks to you and unfortunately more fast food places than I care to mention.


That sounds like a good strategy Derric! Hope you enjoy Zgara and Bird Rock!

Oh my goodness, back to student life Sawyer! I truly miss Ba Ren, wish there was a place close to that good here.

So I guess that's just the way the noodles are for takeout Junichi. Oh man, that soup and toroniku on a cold evening......

I think it's whatever works RD! Haven't been to Spicy House since last year....need to check them out again.

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You have a great list of dishes. I just had lunch with Sushi Tadokoro.


We don't do too much takeout and if we do, it's from Thai Taste 2 which is close to us. That's great you have a lot of options nearby.


Hope you enjoyed Tadokoro MrD.

I'm quite thankful that we have places both near home and work to do takeout from CC! Hope all is well.

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