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Tuesday, 09 March 2021



At least the mac salad was decent! I had mac salad at Da Kine's about a month or so ago, and it was watery that day. I would like to try Island Style Cafe some time after reading your recent post there.

You're a great husband! Also, that's good thinking to buy more just in case of an emergency. :) Some older Asian ladies can be nosy or have old-fashion views.. don't mind them. They're probably jealous they didn't have guys run errands for them :P


Lol, korean halmeoni's are very blunt to say the least. Hopefully you got extra "Missus points" for that errand.


darn that katsu was super thin:(


Hi Elle - It was an interesting interaction that's for sure. Hope you get a chance to check out ISC.

So true for points; every day starts at zero! ;o)

Really thin Kat....


Better disguise your purchase next time!

I haven't seen any throwing of veggies when I went to Zion...


Gotta love the nosy Asian old ladies! I think the no samples/no throwing was from their early days at this location. It really was quite a zoo in the produce section back then. I also remember a sign telling you to not break up bunches of bananas.


Out of wings during lunch time? What's going on?


Love my mother in law but, yeah, she can be very direct! You gave me a good laugh, thanks!


There must be something that made Zion up that sign Soo.

Hi Sandy - They still have that sign up; at least the last time I was in the produce section at Zion.

I dunno Junichi. Wing shortage??

She sounds like a tough customer RD! ;o)


Man, that's hilarious!


Lol Jan....the things that happen in check-out lines. You remember this one?


Funny story. Those gals must be the same ones who ram my shopping cart in the aisles. I've seen that sign for years, never seen anybody throw food but why take chances, right? Too bad about the people not wearing masks behind the sign.


They are probably one in the same ALNC!


You've got me cracking up with this post! :D But you are so right, never know what is gonna happen in the checkout line at Zion Market. And I saw that sign in the produce section last time I was there and really wasn't sure if I wanted to know the backstory on that or


Let's just call it the "Zion effect" Lynnea! Lol! Hope the both of you are well! Glad to hear from you.

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