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Wednesday, 31 March 2021



good to hear he is doing better, I hope he will continue to get stronger.


Looks like a very fine repast! I haven’t had sushi in a long time, sounds fabulous.


I hope so too Kat!

It was quite good Sandy; though I was mainly happy to see Sam up and about!


Good news. Though I'm guessing it will be quite a bit longer before we hear about any dim sum in your life. :) Same here.


Yes, you're absolutely right Jan! ;o) You know me too well. Hope all is well.


Great to hear about Sam. I've been meaning to stop by and pick something up. I'll definitely do that this weekend.


That's very nice of you Jack! Hope you enjoy your meal!


That’s good Sammy is back!


Yes it is ST! Hope he can stay healthy.

Lynnea Fleming

Glad Sam is back, and I hope he can get back on his feet enough to hire some extra people and that he can stay healthy!


I hope so too Lynnea!


That's great to hear about Sammy. I was wondering how he was doing. I hope he can get some help too. Sounds rough....On a side note, could we get the deets on the shrimp dish please?


That was marinated shrimp; basically raw; but marinated for a day or two in a soy sauce based marinade. I'm hoping he keeps improving Sawyer. Hope all is well, as always it's great hearing from you.


Glad he’s back but heartbreaking that he has to run a one-man show. I hope he can hire people back. I haven’t been back in over a year, not just because the pandemic. I will try to make it over there to show some support.


I'm sure Sam will be happy to see you Denver! I'm hoping his health will continue to improve.


FYI, Sushi Yaro’s last day of business is Dec. 30th. So sad


Hi Denver - Yes, I heard. Several of my friends already sent me texts. It's the end of an era.

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