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Wednesday, 10 February 2021



sounds like you’ve been having wintry weather, stay warm!


I don’t go often but have always liked GCG.


Thanks for the reminder about GCG -- I am deeply in love with their spicy hot oil noodles. Going to pick up an order tomorrow for dinner (plus a spare for leftovers)!


It's all relative Kat.....nothing like Japan!

Time to check them again RD!

You know; I need to try out more items from CGC Peter! I'm going to try out that dish. Thanks for the recommendation. Enjoy your noodles!


That's cool that they offer online ordering. Phoning in an order can be a challenge sometimes with a language barrier.


Like the time the woman at Village Kitchen hung up on me when I started speaking English Junichi? ;o) I wish places like Sakura, etc would do online ordering......

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