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Sunday, 28 February 2021



Thank you for the update. It's good to know that their target date is a few months away so I will make sure to trek down to their shop a few times. It has been quite a while since I've been there, and I've always enjoyed their mochi even if I wasn't sure what it was.


glad you will be able to enjoy their treats a little longer.


I'm going to drop by again in a few weeks to see if there's any additional news Sandy. But it does look like we've got a few months to enjoy.

I am too Kat!


Nice looking bakery.


Hooray, glad to hear we still have some time left. Thanks for sleuthing it out!
I actually stopped by this weekend as well and chatted with Mrs. Takeda but I didn't ask about the retirement, we mostly talked about sakuramochi :)
FYI they don't normally have them but you can order in advance--he's going to make me some for this weekend so call if you want some too!

(And it's great to get back in touch with you as well, Kirk! It's been a weird year and I've been kind of MIA from blogging, but Miko and I have a new project--we'd love any suggestions you have...)


A San Diego institution Soo!

That's good to know Jenne; I bascially just buy what the Missus tells me! ;o) I've read about you new project which sounds fun.....I do think that when you get to the tougher "letters" you might want to think about "regions/cities" as in 'X' is for "Xi'an". Have fun! It's great to hear from you as always.


My brother goes in every few weeks and heard about their retirement. We've been going since we were little (something like 35 years now).


Great article. Glad to hear that there are people who want to carry on the business. BTW, despite Mrs. Takeda's refusal to use a computer, there is a website up for the place. The new people?


Been going to Hogetsu from when I heard of them back in 1999 - before we moved to San Diego Junichi!

That's funny Alnc! I'm going to mention that to Mrs Takeda next time I visit. I did notice that all the "comments" are from 2021....


I think the last time I went there was years ago when I ran into you Kirk. The owners were a bit reserved when I came in, but after they saw me talking to you, they warmed up quite a bit. It was definitely a nice place to have when I lived there. Sad to hear they are retiring, but just means we're all getting older. Wishing them the best in their next step in life.


Wow, that was quite a while ago! Yes, we're all getting older.....time stops for no one.


Glad to hear of this update Kirk. Sad to know they will be retiring but hopefully good to know their business will continue. I just hope the quality is just as good.

I hadn't been there in person since the uproar last summer where someone online said they were going to go out of business!!! The lines were super long and it was kind of funny but sad because the owners (who don't have internet or computers) didn't even know about this and were wondering why they were selling out within hours each day after that social media post.

I felt bad for Mr. Takeda because he was cranking out their mochi and it was only the plain kind. The folks in line didn't know what they were missing. Many of their offerings are time consuming to make with various designs, color tints, and in some cases, fillings or powders. I wish them the best in their retirement. They are indeed a legendary South Bay institution.


The Takeda's have looked ready to retire for a while now CC, so hopefully all will work out well.

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