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Thursday, 28 January 2021



well deserved indulgence, take care & stay safe!


Indulgence for sure!


Indulge away! I wish Sushi Tadokoro wasn't so far for me, although I did get takeout from Sushi Ota recently. Favorite takeout: Sab-E-Lee and Menya Ultra.


Sushi Tadokoro is on the agenda tonight and I put in a pretty massive order last night!

Sab-E-Lee is about the closest takeout to me and I definitely grab that every couple of weeks.


Beautiful pictures. I was able to go there a few years back when I was in SD for a wedding. Hopefully one day soon as there is a dearth of good sushi here.....and good food in general. Nowadays here, it's Chinese for take out. There's a small little steam table joint inside a market that's better than most Chinese places out here in Eastern Washington.

It's nice to treat yourself!


Given we're heading towards the one year anniversary of the pandemic lockdown, indulgences are definitely deserved.

We've been enjoying Menya, Hawaiian Fresh Seafood, Phoung Trang, and copious amounts of boba.


A few lunch takeout spots in my rotation are Sab E Lee, Yokohama Yakitori Kobou and Village Indian. Bummed that Ichiro's last day is tomorrow. The owner wanted to sell for a while now. Glad they finally found a buyer.


Thanks Kat!

For sure Harry! Thanks for commenting!

That's a good duo for doing takeout Sandy!

Hope you enjoyed it Dereck!

Make sure to let me know when you're in town after the pandemic Sawyer! I was wondering where you were!

Now you're making me hungry for Menya Jason!

I didn't know that Ichiro was closing Junichi! Is it still the same folks that used to own Umenoya?


My fave lately is Obi’s sushi. The quality of fish is pretty good. Tadokoro is on my list soon.


Like I always say Denver; knowing the Itamae and staff is always important at sushi bars, along with knowing what they serve. Nice neighborhood places are nice!


Same family owned it for 36 years. I went to Japanese school with one of the daughters. Will miss their teba-karaage and okonomiyaki. Nothing fancy but tasted like something you eat at someone's house.


That's really sad Junichi. It was always solid, old school Japanese cuisine. I wish I knew they were closing earlier; I'd have made to drop by and do some takeout. I did drop by but there's no sign saying they are closed.


Favorite takeout: Himalayan Curry and Grill on Friars. So delicious.


Awesome Stephanie! Thanks for sharing and hope all is well!

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