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Sunday, 31 January 2021



It sure has been back to soup weather again. Open on the weekends. A rarity for Miramar.


at least the red beans & rice is consistent


Kirk, I don't know how you can get out of there without a roast beef po boy. It isn't like the debris sandwiches from NOLA, but it sure as hell does taste good when I want a fix!


We sure are getting a wide range of weather these days Junichi! It seems that places on Miramar open with weekend hours, but then quickly change after a short period of time; i.e. GyroGrill, etc.

At least Kat!

I'll take that as a recommendation Dereck. I haven't liked the bread that this place uses, so that has kind of made me avoid the po' boys and such. But I'll definitely give it a try! THanks aas always!

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