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Sunday, 10 January 2021



Hang in there, Kirk! :)


take care and stay safe!


Take care, can't wait to read more when you're ready.


Thanks Jinxi!

You too Kat! Especially with the Emergency orders in Tokyo!

Thanks so much Amanda!


No need for any apologies. We're all in this together.


Thanks Junichi!

Hangzhou Hero

Sending good vibes your way Kirk.


No need to apologize, we appreciate whatever cadence of posts you are able to support.


Security recently dropped a bunch of work on us. We have a bunch of old servers no longer vendor supported we need to bring up to Hipaa compliance.


Thanks HH!

Thanks so much Jason.

The thing that helps with that Soo is that in regards to Covid-19 HIPAA has eased up some restrictions on disclosures due to the public health emergency.


Kirk, no apologies needed. You’re doing important work, a big thank you to you and your missus.


Thanks so much Greg! I appreciate all of you!

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