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Sunday, 03 January 2021



bummer about the osechi, but it looks like you are eating well:)


Man, I wish my kid liked beans! I haven't made cassoulet in 15 years or more. All I can do is keep trying. Maybe he'll snap out of it one day. :)


We're eating fairly well Kat!

Maybe you can find a type of bean/lentil/chick peas he likes Jan? A place to start and branch out.


The temperature seems about the same as last year to me. It's 67F in my living room at 12pm. We don't use the heater and it will get down to 64F by 6am.


It's been in the low 50's inside when I leave for work at 430-5am and even colder outside (high 40's) Soo. Also, my frost warning in the car keeps going off when I drive to the office.


Soup. Making lots of soup at home. Thank god I got an electric pressure cooker the year before.


I'm finding it chilly in my house especially since I'm working from home. I had to buy a space heater for my desk area! We have made pho, clam chowder, beef stew and casseroles, and have gotten takeout ramen and pho.


Those instapot things do come in handy Junichi!

You've been eating well at home Sandy!


Not as well as you are eating, Kirk! I had recipe fatigue recently, so I did a bunch of takeout meals to break it up.


Looks like you are eating well! We certainly have been eating well this past fall and now winter(trying to stay warm without turning on the heater) and I made your mushroom broth recipe(and froze half of it) in early December so that will go into some sort of yummy, warming dish :)


We do takeout when I get tired of cooking too Sandy!

I'm glad that you both are eating well and in good health Lynnea! Can't wait to find out what you make with that mushroom broth! ;o)


Can we trade meals? :)

I've been doing a lot of Filipino comfort food (at least for me) such as chicken adobo, tinola, pancit bihon, and arroz caldo. We are eating well also along with healthy choices (a variety of salads with fresh and roasted vegetables).The instant pot has been fun to use during my winter break.


Lol CC! I noticed all the delicious looking food in your Flickr account!

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