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Friday, 22 January 2021


Hangzhou Hero

Wishing the best for Sam and his recovery, remember reading all of your wonderful posts at his restaurant...


Sushi Yaro is one of my favorite sushi places. Used to go regularly for lunch back in the day. I've always been meaning to do some take out during the pandemic but didn't get a chance to. Praying for the best for Sammy. I made a donation


oh no! hoping he’ll have a speedy recovery.


You’re right, 2021 sure is starting out tough—sorry to hear about Sam having a stroke, but I’m so glad he has friends like you who are supporting him. And thank you for sharing the GoFundMe page so we can all help pitch in! Here’s to hoping 2021 gets better from here.


Doh! Nice of you to support Sam.

Seems like just a week ago I was wearing shorts but I notice it was 45F outside and 65F inside before I went for my morning bike ride.


I hope so too HH! Hope all is well and it's good to hear from you.

I'm sure Sam appreciates that Denver. I'd been meaning to do takeout as well; but it's hard that they stopped serving lunch.

I'm hoping so as well Kat!

Yes, it's been a pretty rough January Lynnea. Hoping things turn around soon.

It's the least I can do Soo. Yes, seems like we went from winter to summer then back to winter in two weeks!


I am very saddened to hear this. After reading one of your old posts about his joint in my college days, I went to Sammy Sushi and had one of my first omakase experiences eating at the bar. I think he could tell I was just a dumb college kid who didn't know anything, but he was friendly and kind. I hope he recovers uneventfully.


I hope he recovers as well Sawyer!


Sushi Yaro opened back up on a few days ago per Facebook page. He’s stil not 100% but at least good that he can reopen


He has a couple of tables and working by himself Denver. A couple of my friends went over to check things out.

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